Transposer -Free Music Transposition Tool

My First Android Application that has been released within 2 markets.

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Here is the write-up about it:

Transpose a complete scale to read a chart in a new key while performing

A simple tool which displays 2 lines of music notes. Use this tool to quickly transpose from any chromatic note up a set interval by matching the written starting note with the desired starting note. Can be used to help you quickly transpose chord charts or transcribe transposed melodies correctly.

Sit your phone on your music stand to help you transpose as you play.
Great for musicians working with singers.
Makes transposing easy for piano players reading chord charts.
Helps guitarists quickly change their chord shapes when using a capo

Get More Help at the main site found here

2 thoughts on “Transposer -Free Music Transposition Tool

    • Cheers, glad you’re liking them. I’m releasing a second version which allows custom chord design soon.
      Would love your suggestions also.

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